Women and Political Influence 2017 part 2



Representing the Concerns of the Electorate, Advocacy Campaigns

4 – 7 April, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary

A new series of courses is offered by the Robert Schuman Institute, in cooperation with the Christian Democratic International Center (KIC) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) entitled “Women and Political Influence” 2017.

The first part Identifying the concerns of the electorate on the local level, reaching out to voters” took place between 28 February – 3 March in Budapest. The focus was on public outreach – with our speakers Edit Bauer MEPai and Bálint PORCSALMI, Executive President of the Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), former RSI alumnus.

We are going to meet the same group of participants for the second time in April to elaborate on “Representing the concerns of the electorate, advocacy campaigns”. The 15 young women are members of local councils or/and members of local party boards of EPP sister parties from Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

We are expecting great exchanges of experiences with our President, Doris Pack MEPai, President of EPP Women and Hillie van de Streek, Secretary General EPP Women, as well as Ivana Grbíč, RSI alumna.