How Europe Works 2018


The Robert Schuman Institute (RSI), with the support of the Political Academy of the Austrian People’s Party (PolAk) and the Wilfred Martens Centre for European Studies (WMCES) organises an introductory seminar (Vienna) and a study visit (Brussels) for SEE countries under the title “How Europe Works: A First-Hand Perspective on EU Institutions” as follows:

1 How Europe Works: Introductory Course
09 – 12 April (Monday-Thursday) in Vienna
arrival: 08 April, departure after 15h afternoon

2 How Europe Works: Field Trip
22 – 25 May (Tuesday-Friday) in Brussels
arrival: 21 May, departure 26 June

This is a series that gives practical, useable knowledge on EU affairs and contact opportunities to EPP politicians, field experts, EU institution staff. Good knowledge of English is absolutely necessary, and to benefit the delegating party most, candidates should have an existing or prospective connection to EU oriented work inside the party.

The APPLICATION DEADLINE is 10 AM, 14 March (Wednesday) 2018, arriving at RSI

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible project manager,
Bence Labossa at

Please fill out the application form.

The APPLICATION DEADLINE is 22 March (Thursday) 2018.

Please find more information about the series in the Call for applications









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