Leaders in Democracy

Leaders in Democracy

Trakai region, Lithuania

We are pleased to inform you that Robert Schuman Institute (Budapest, Hungary) in cooperation with the Eduardo Frei Foundation (the Netherlands) and EDUCATIO: Institute for Development and Training (Vilnius, Lithuania) the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany) and the International Republican Institute (USA) announces the application process for the series of seminar “Leaders in Democracy” open. The courses will be provided for the same group of 20 representatives of centre-right youth and student organisations of Belarus.

The main objective of the event is to offer value based perspectives on development for the future elite of Belarus on the center-right side who are committed to the European integration / partnership of the country. This is to be done by introducing and debating fundamentals of democracy, the praxis of value based politics as well as orientations for foreign and security policies based on communities of values. Another important objective is to support the interaction of the Belarusian participants with likeminded communities- by connecting with representatives of different centre-right organisations in Europe (such as CDA/EFF, KAS/CDU, YEPP, EDS, etc.), by mutually learning of each others’ experiences and current concerns.

Seminar I.

10 – 13 July, 2018

Note: Arrivals are one day before (09 July, Monday) and departures one day after the program (14 July, Saturday morning).

Seminar II.

28 – 31 August, 2018

Note: Arrivals are one day before (27 August, Monday) and departures one day after the program (01 September, Saturday morning).

Deadline for applications:            5 PM, 22 JUNE (FRIDAY) 2018