Leaders in Democracy I. Trakai, Lithuania

July 10-13, 2018

Trakai region, Lithuania

Robert Schuman Institute (Budapest) in cooperation with Eduardo Frei Foundation (Netherlands) and  EDUCATIO: Institute for Development and Training (Lithuania), kindly supported by Belarus’ offices of International Republican Institute and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung have successfully completed the first round of the “Leaders in Democracy” series in Trakai, Lithuania. The course welcomed 18 reps of centre-right political parties of Belarus including United Civil Party, Movement for Freedom, Belarusian Christian Democratic Party, and Tell the Truth.

Focus topics: core elements of democracy and the fundamental role of civil society in building a democratic state; leading political doctrines, and the role and place of Christian Democracy on the ideological blueprint of Europe; Christian Democratic values in specific policy making; corruption free political behavior, effective interest representation and consensus decision making; debating and negotiations in politics; enhancement of cooperation between youth organizations of Belarus and Europe; lessons learnt from transitional scenarios (Baltic countries’ example); engagement of Millennial and „touchscreen” generation in policy shaping and public affairs, political campaign development and implementation, and last, but not least;  the format of assistance of European political foundations to the democratic forces of Belarus.