Young Leaders XXV

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The Robert Schuman Institute, with the support of Eduardo Frei Foundation announces CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for “Young Leaders XXV” 2018-2019 series of courses as follows,

  1. Basics of a Democracy (October 2-6, 2018)
  2. International and Security Issues (November 20-24, 2018)
  3. Challenges in Economic and Social Life (January 16-20, 2019)

The venue for all three rounds is Budapest, Hungary.

This is an English-language series covering a broad range of topics, intended for fledgling political elites of Eastern European and South-Eastern European countries as well as Lebanon.

The APPLICATION DEADLINE is end of business day September 3 (MONDAY) 2018. Application form can be accessed at the following link:

For further details please contact Evgenia Jarabik, Course Leader, at


Looking forward to your applications!