Foundation for Prosperity: The Rule of Law

Rule of Law

Foundation for Prosperity and European Development: The Rule of Law

The Robert Schuman Institute (RSI) in collaboration with the Robert Schuman Foundation Luxemburg and with support of the EPP Group in the European Parliament will hold a series of seminars named “Foundation for Prosperity and European Development: The Rule of Law” as follows:

Foundation for Prosperity and European Development: The Rule of Law 1.0
28 – 30 September (Friday – Sunday) in Batumi, Georgia
arrival: 27 September, departure 30 September in the afternoon

Foundation for prosperity and European Development: The Rule of Law 2.0
30 November – 02 December (Friday-Sunday) in Yerevan, Armenia
arrival: 29 November, departure 02 December in the afternoon

Attendance of BOTH seminars is a MUST!

The event will welcome 25 politicians who are working in national or local parliaments in EPP sister parties and their parliamentary groups in the following EaP countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia

Aims of the project:

  • To raise regional awareness and provide platform for experience exchange for politicians with a proven record of engagement in anti-corruption activities and support for the rule of law
  • To encourage national and local parliaments to support institutions promoting the rule of law
  • To boost cooperation between parliamentary groups of the region
  • To support implementation of judicial reforms in EaP countries
  • To reflect on the common problems and their possible solutions
  • To support EPP sister parties in the EaP region in their EU values oriented activities through capacity building assistance
  • To establish a cross-border professional network of pro-European young politicians from the EaP countries
  • To provide specific tools helping to boost effectiveness of parliamentary work
  • To establish and strengthen ties between EaP politicians and MEPs and staff of the EPP Group

Participation: criteria for selection of trainees

*              Relevant function in national or local parliaments for EPP sister parties
*              High level written and oral English proficiency
*              Applicants born between 1982-1996 (22-36 yo)
*              Completed application form including official reference letter from a party presidency member

Working language:  ENGLISH (no translation will be provided (!)

Deadline for applications: September 10 (Monday) 2018, end of business