The Robert Schuman Institute (RSI), supported by the Political Academy of the Austrian People’s Party (PolAK) and  the Wilfred Martens Centre for European Studies (WMCES) organizes an introductory seminar in Budapest, and a study visit to Brussels  under the “How Europe Works: A First-Hand Perspective on EU Institutions” series of courses for EaP countries’ reps, to be held as follows:

How Europe Works: Introductory Seminar
12-15 November, 2018 (Monday-Thursday) in Budapest, HUNGARY
arrival: 11 November, Sunday, departure 15 November, afternoon

How Europe Works: Study visit
04-07 December, 2018  (Tuesday-Friday) in Brussels, BELGIUM
arrival: 03 December Monday, departure 07 December, evening

The aim of the project is to arm the trainees with applicable, ready-to-use knowledge on the EU structure, provide them with insight into everyday life and familiarize with functions and policies of the EU institutions (European Parliament, European Commission, Council of Europe, Committee of the Regions) during the December field trip to Brussels, as well as expand professional networks of pro-European fledgling political elites thus boosting cooperation with the EU of regional EPP sister parties in EaP countries.

Working language: ENGLISH (strong proficiency, no translation provided!)

Target group: 15 public career-oriented individuals from EaP countries of Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine between 22-35 y.o., actively involved in international activities of their respective EPP sister parties.

IMPORTANT: Attendance at both events is a MUST!

The APPLICATION DEADLINE is October 29 (Monday) 2018

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Evgenia JARABIK, Course Leader,  at

Please fill out the application form HEW EaP 2018