Step into the Political Spotlight

The Robert Schuman Institute in partnership with the Eduardo Frei Foundation is organizing a seminar training entitled “Step into the Political Spotlight” for 20 young community leaders of Bosnia&Herzegovina wishing to launch municipal political careers on behalf of their respective EPP sister parties (SDA, PDP, SDS, HDZ 1990, HDZ BiH).




3 working days as follows

29-31 March, 2019 (Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina)

arrival: Thursday, 28 March (evening)

departure: Sunday, 31 March (after lunch)

Target group:  the training is intended for 20 party freshmen (between 18-30 y.o.) occupying junior positions within 5 EPP sister parties (SDA, PDP, HDZ BiH, HDZ 1990, SDP) as well as those looking to engage in local politics. Female activists are highly encouraged to apply.

The objectives of the seminar training include but are not limited to:

  • helping party newcomers and potential candidates for the 2020 local elections to build up their political profiles, arming them with fundamental theoretical and practical skills within the framework of Christian democratic values and principles through sharing the best regional and international practices of political communication, self-branding, public speaking, effective usage of new media tools and platforms for campaigning and awareness raising purposes;
  • assisting with identifying voters’ key concerns and needs, establishing connection with electorate, and mobilizing and teaming up with activists and volunteers;
  • contributing to positive change within local political environment through fostering of a political culture that supports ethical political conduct and operates on the basis of democratic norms and principles;
  • bringing young BiH activists together and providing them with a platform for idea exchange and discussion of the format of future cooperation; helping them expand their professional network through direct contacts with their fellow team members and guest speakers from the same political family.

Please fill in the online application form here

Should you have any questions with regard to this event, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible Project Manager Evgenia Jarabik at

The APPLICATION DEADLINE is 22 February (Friday) 2019, end of business.