Women and Political Influence

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Women and Political Influence – Act Local  (Lebanon)

The Robert Schuman Institute (RSI), with the support of the Eduardo Frei Foundation (EFF), organises a seminar entitled “Women and Political Influence in Lebanon”. The overall goal with the project is to help increase women’s political participation and influence, providing assistance that takes into account the different approach and conditions of partner parties. With this project we would like to enable women to take leading roles in their local parties and communicate local voters effectively.
The project also provides a platform for network building among like-minded politicians of the EPP family.

A group of selected participants from the previous (2018) and this seminar will be invited to a Brussels study visit in autumn 2019.

Women and Political Influence
Act Local (Lebanon)
10 – 12 May (Friday – Sunday), 2019 in Jounieh

The event will be provided for 16 young women politicians who are members of local councils or/and members of local party boards of EPP sister parties of  Lebanon.

The APPLICATION DEADLINE is 18 March (Monday) 2019, arriving at RSI

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible project manager, Bence Labossa at bence.labossa@schuman-institute.eu

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