Leaders in Democracy //seminar


We are pleased to inform you that the Robert Schuman Institute (Budapest, Hungary) in cooperation with its partners such as the Eduardo Frei Foundation (the Netherlands) announces open application process for participation in the seminar titled “Leaders in Democracy”. The event will be held in Trakai (Lithuania), for the group of 18 representatives of center-right youth and student organizations of Belarus.

Aim of the Project:

The main objective of the event is to offer value-based perspective on development for the future political elites of Belarus of the center-right wing, committed to the European integration and fruitful EU-Belarus partnership. Another important objective is to boost the trainees’ soft skills, as well as support their interaction with like-minded communities by connecting with representatives of different center-right organizations in Europe as the EPP family and EFF/CDA trainers. The attendees will have a chance to exchange professional experiences, best practices and lessons learnt. The selected participants, the future political elites of Belarus, are expected to further the changes in their country, turning it into a more democratic state through applying the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills they would gain during the course. As the seminar is designed to address various subjects, every participant would have a chance to find a topic that suits his/her interests and aspirations best.

Target Group:

18 selected participants who are active members of youth and student organizations of the center right political parties of Belarus

Length of the Project:   4 days, 07 – 10 May, 2020

Note: Arrivals are on 06 May, Thursday evening, and departures on the 11 May in the morning.


Working Language:         Belarusian / English (consecutive interpretation will be provided)

Topics will be selected and final agenda completed based entirely on participants’ expectations and suggestions collected prior to the start date of the seminar.

Terms and conditions:

  • Active members of the above mentioned political parties;
  • Applicants aged between 20-30 years old;
  • University/college degree (or at least two successfully completed semesters at university / college by the start of the seminar)
  • Attendance of every session of the seminar is mandatory as this is essential for efficient team-work and achieving aims of the program. Participants will have to present a letter from the party guaranteeing participation in full length in both rounds.

Online application form can be found HERE

Deadline for applications extended until :  EoB, April 1, 2020

Only complete application packages received before the deadline will be considered.

Documents/files to upload include:

  • Copy of diploma or a certificate issued by applicant’s university;
  • 1 letter of reference, signed & printed with official letterhead from the delegating party or organization, signed by a responsible official such as a Secretary General, Member of the Board, International Secretary. With this letter the party/organization guarantees its delegate will participate in the full length of the course (both series);
  • Scanned passport: main page with photo, name and number.
  • 2-minute video recording with the applicant’s main motivation and expectations from the seminars (Belarusian or English)

Note: successful applicants must bring ORIGINALS of the requested documents to the event.

Contact persons:

Course Leader


Event Coordinator


Financial Agreements

The seminar-related costs – including lectures, trainings, travel expenses from Belarus to Lithuania and back (buses or trains only) and visa costs of participants, meals and accommodation (in double rooms!)  in Trakai will be covered by the organizers.

Should you require any further information about the series, please do not hesitate to contact us.