RSI StayOn: European Union in Emergency Mode

European Union in Emergency Mode – Getting Ready for the Day After Tomorrow

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The European Union is in emergency mode since three weeks because of COVD-19. It is not the first crisis that hit the Union in the last 20 years but it is quite different from the previous ones: Financial crisis, bombing of Brussels Airport and the metro station close to Parliament and Council, Brexit – they all could be handled because there was an opponent one could either pay off, fight, or negotiate with. COVID-19 is different: it’s an invisible enemy.

The emergency mode has changed the decision-making procedure and it has caused a new balance between the three institutions and the Member States. It’s a thin line between leadership and procedure, between national needs and solidarity, between boldness and caution.

Whatever and however the EU acts today will have an impact after COVID-19. Every step must take into account that the Union will have to get ready for the Day After Tomorrow.

We invite everyone interested to reflect and exchange views with regard to these matters during our 40-minute online meetings on ZOOM platform

Our next talk is scheduled for Thursday 17h CET (02 April 2020).

Our invited speaker Dr. Klemens H. Fischer is Minister plenipotentiary at the Permanent Representation of Austria to the European Union, Brussels, Professor for International Relations at the University of Cologne/Germany, and Professorial Lecturer for Geopolitics at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna.

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