RSI StayOn: Towards a Geo-Political Europe

Towards a Geo-Political Europe

Back in 2016 the EU formulated its “Five principles for relations with Russia”:

  • Full implementation of the Minsk agreements.
  • Strengthening relations with our Eastern Partners.
  • Strengthening internal European Union resilience.
  • Selective engagement with Russia.
  • Support for Russian civil society.

The growing influence of China and the continuous trade wars between the US and China are embroiling the EU into geo-political and geo-economic battles, impeding implementation of these principles. Attempts by Germany and France to take the lead in boosting relations with Russia have not been particularly successful. So, what are now the challenges for the new “geopolitical” Commission? Should the EU aim for a stronger geopolitical role, it must revisit the above-mentioned principles, and redefine its relations with its major competitors/partners: the US, China, and Russia.

Elaborate long-term strategy of the EU towards Russia would also help member states develop more effective bilateral policies, as only a common, agreed European approach would make any impression on a Kremlin willing to engage in geopolitical hardball.

The COVID-19 crisis is another factor in this deadlock. The pandemic will not only change relations between Europe, China and the US but also those inside the EU. For the nations already having AA and the DCFTA it will create windows of opportunity. 

Join us on ZOOM platform and share your views during the next round of discussions (in English) within the framework of RSI StayOn project, scheduled for Monday April 6, 17h CET.  Jan Mulder, RSI International Board Member, will lead the discussion and answer your questions. 

Jan Mulder is a former Crisis Management Expert at NATO Headquarters in Brussels (2007-2013). He retired from the military (Lt-Colonel Royal Netherlands Army) in 2007 after a 36-year military career. Jan had 20 years of experience in (International) Crisis Management and Civil Emergency Planning, including cooperation with other International Organizations (EU, OSCE, UN, IAEA, AU), Non-Governmental Organizations (ICRC) and Partnership for Peace (PfP) nations. Participated in NATO Expert missions to different locations. He successfully delivered over 45 training sessions on a variety of related subjects during the events organized by the Eduardo Frei Foundation Netherlands,  the Robert Schuman Institute and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

Should you wish to take part in the upcoming discussion please fill in the registration form. 

The REGISTRATION DEADLINE is 5 April (Sunday), 22h CET.

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Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible project manager Evgenia Jarabik at  Looking forward to see you all in our chat room!