Fundament for Prosperity: the Rule of Law I-II for SEE region


We are pleased to inform you that the Robert Schuman Institute (RSI) in cooperation with the Robert Schuman Foundation Luxemburg (RSF) is organizing “Fundament for Prosperity and European Development: The Rule of Law” series of digital and offline seminars to be held as follows:

  • May 4-6-8 (2×60 minute sessions between 10-11h and 11.30-12.30h CET on Monday – Wednesday – Friday) online on Zoom platform
  • June 30 -July 2 (Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday) in Budapest*

Arrival June 29, Monday afternoon; departure July 2 Friday afternoon

*Important! Please note than based on the situation around coronavirus pandemic and openness of borders by the planned start date the organizers may consider rescheduling the event for August 25-27.

Attendance of all sessions of the program is a must!

Target group: the event is aiming to involve 25 young politicians of the centre-right wing in the following Western Balkans countries: Albania, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia.

Main objectives: to engage fledgling political elites in activities aiming to strengthen RoL in-stitutions; to familiarize participants with specific practices and tools for effective prospective parliamentary work as well as advocacy campaign planning and implementation; to stimulate regional cooperation among young politicians of the EPP sister parties; to enhance ties between Western Balkans regional representatives and EU member state politicians (including MEPs / staff of the EPP Group).

The following topics will be covered during the whole length of the series:

Module 1 (online):

  • The rule of law and why it matters: purpose and aspects. Basis for good governance (lecture)
  • The rule of law and why it matters (workshop)
  • Judicial reforms in the Western Balkans: successes and failures
  • Rule of Law and the importance of regional cooperation
  • Strong parliamentary bodies through the rule-of- law lens:anti-corruption and integrity initiatives and lessons from the EU institutions for WB
  • EU expertise on legal reform implementation and law enforcement
  • EU support and facilitation of legal reforms in the scope countries: best examples of capacity building programs in WB
  • State of play with the EU enlargement agenda

Module 2 (Budapest):

  • Subsidiarity in Practice: Decentralization, Local Stakeholders and Civil Society Participation in Law Making (lecture)
  • Subsidiarity in Practice: Decentralization, Local Stakeholders and Civil Society Participation in Law Making (workshop)
  • Fair and rigged elections: responsibilities of parties, Election systems in Western Balkans (public financing, interest groups’ representation, campaign advocacy )
  • How to protect your voters/votes from electoral fraud
  • Money in politics: funding/fundraising of political parties and election campaigns and how to get it right
  • Regional trends and reforms in political finance transparency and oversight agencies’ role and activities
  • Advocacy campaigns on reforms: development and implementation (lecture, real-life cases)
  • Advocacy campaigns on legal reforms: development and implementation (workshop)
  • Creating favourable legal environment for local businesses

Participation criteria:

  • High level of written and oral English proficiency
  • Applicants born between 1985-1998
  • Completed application package including official reference letter signed by a party presidency member

Working language:

  • English (no translation will be provided)

Application Process:

Important condition for acceptance:

  • Active participation and full attendance of all sessions of the seminars!
Deadline for applications: April 21 (Tuesday) 2020, end of business

Should you require any further information about the series, please do not hesitate to contact us.