Post-pandemic economy, business, and society

Post-pandemic economy, business, and society

“The corona virus crisis has hit economies on the demand side and the supply side, simultaneously. The first ever global crisis that is truly synchronized: advanced, developing, emerging, and converging economies are affected at the same time – if not in the same way. Economic research is in the dark, for lack of timely data, but certain lessons have been learnt from previous crises. 

Together we will reflect on, and see answers to the following questions,

  • Can this crisis be compared to the Great Recession of 2008?
  • Health regimes are national. Political mandate, national.  And the pandemic?
  • Global value chains: they have been the engine of cost cutting and network-efficiency. Are they passé? Will self-reliance be back? Does that mean return to protectionism?
  • Central Eastern European nations are among the most open in trade and finance. Will the status quo remain? What if German car manufacturers decide to re-shore production from China? Will production return to Bavaria, or will it land in Wroclaw, Cluj, or Debrecen?
  • Industry proposes personal protective equipment for all workers, adherence to social-distancing rules, which means plants have to be re-structured. Open space concept will probably be gone. What shape will business activities take in the new era?
  • Governments throw budgetary expenditures on businesses and families, central bank pump money, again, into financial system. Will national debt explode? Return of bubbles? Will inflation hit back?
  • What are plausible development scenarios for Europe? 

Join us to share your views on the subject during the next round of discussions (in English), scheduled for Thursday May 7, 17h CET. Professor Péter Ákos BOD will lead the discussion and answer your questions. 

Prof.  Péter Ákos BOD is a former Governor of the Hungarian Central Bank, economist, professor at Corvinus University of Budapest, Doctor at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.  He pursued a policy research and academic carrier in Budapest before the regime change, taught in the US (Portland State University) and advised UNDP in Ghana. Elected MP for Hungarian Democratic Forum in 1990, he joined the Cabinet of PM J. Antall that year as Minister for Industry and Trade. He was elected Governor of the Hungarian National Bank in 1991. After 1995, he served as Board member at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (London), then returned to academia in 1998. Prof. Bod is an active Board member of several companies and professional journals, and as Chairman of Budapest Economic Club. He is Vice-President of the Hungarian Economic Society. 

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