RSI Digital Panel: Challenges in Education

Challenges in Education

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The Robert Schuman Institute in cooperation with the Eduardo Frei Foundation organises a roundtable discussions addressing the response to the COVID- 19 spread and respective challenges of the education.

The current coronavirus crisis immediately impacted the education sector by school and dormitory closures and shifting the activities to the digital arena. It impacts the content, process and quality of education, ability to complete degrees, programs, exams that are required to make the next step in education or to the labor market, but also raises important questions on the involvement of student representatives as key stakeholders and their visions for the future of education in the new normal. That is why we invite 3 representatives from the field of the European student and youth policy to share their views on the current situation and desirable outcomes as well as to share how they are working to achieve these.

The discussion is scheduled for Thursday 10h CET (30 April 2020).

We invite everyone interested to reflect and exchange views with regard to these matters during our 50-60-minute online meetings on ZOOM platform


Imanuel Caushi – Deputy International Secretary of FRPD, Albania
Dora Miketek – Co-chair of the EDS Permanent Working Group on Higher Education and Research, Croatia
Frank Visser – former YEPP board member, The Netherlands


Bence Bauer – former President of the European Democrat Students (EDS)

Main topics to cover:

  • Disrupted education: what role for student unions / representation in
    designing solutions and policies?
  • The impact of the current crisis to the digitalisation of education
  • The future of traditional education
  • Finding common EU solutions
  •  Financials: student debt; threat to student jobs; closure of campus and
    dormitory access; unusable scholarships, grants and lost Erasmus semesters
  • Mental health issues (classes are cancelled, only cyber interaction, student-teacher contacts)
  • Cyber threats during digital education
  • Another intergenerational tension, after climate? (disruption is often justified by protecting the elderly)

The REGISTRATION DEADLINE is 29 April (Wednesday) 2020 20:00 CET,

The language of the roundtable is English

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible project manager, Bence Labossa at

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