Evaluating the adaptation of political education during the COVID-19 crisis

Pass or fail? Evaluating the adaptation of political education during the COVID-19 crisis

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The Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies and the Kós Károly Academy Foundation in cooperation with the Robert Schuman Institute launched a series of 60-minute online panel discussions. The final discussion will be held on 06 July.

The current coronavirus crisis immediately impacted education including the political education sector. Planned activities were postponed or shifted to the digital arena. Trainers, experts, participants had to quickly adjust to the new methods without preparation and sometimes it caused difficulties. Experts from the field of political education will share their experience and provide good examples, digital solutions for the people in this field.

The discussion is scheduled for Monday 16h00 CET (06 July 2020).

We invite everyone interested to reflect and exchange views with regard to these matters during our 50-60-minute online meetings on ZOOM platform https://zoom.us/


Gábor Berczeli (HU), Robert Schuman Institute
Katharina Hofstadler (AT), Political Academy of the Austrian People’s Party
Žiga Turk (SLO), Wilfried Martens Centre


Astrid Frey (NL), Eduardo Frei Foundation

The REGISTRATION DEADLINE is  05 July (Sunday) 2020 

The language of the roundtable is English

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible project manager, Bence Labossa at bence.labossa@schuman-institute.eu

A confirmation and Zoom meeting code will be sent to your mailbox by Monday 12hCET.

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