Lessons from Swedish Leadership’ Emergency Response

“Lessons from Swedish Leadership’ Emergency Response”

Another talk within the framework of our traditional weekly #StayOn series is coming this Thursday, July 23, at 17h CET. Our guest this time is Liza Maria Norlin, politician for the Christian Democrats in Sweden (KD). Today she is a member of the party’s national board, political leader for KD in the municipality of Sundsvall, and a substitute for the European Parliament. She has over twenty years of experience working in politics and as a school teacher. She is currently a process leader for GovTech in Sweden. This July her book entitled The Courage to Lead through Values: How Management by Values Supports Transformational Leadership, Culture, and Success has been published worldwide. 

She strongly believes in fundamental significance of values, and is certified in Leading by Values (Certification by Global Future of Work Foundation). 

“Every leader – be it in politics, organisations, business, or generally in life – needs to be anchored by values to properly handle both successes and crises. This is equally relevant for the leaders of tomorrow, with the looming challenges even more dramatic as the world is becoming a more complex and dynamic place, and so is the speed of change”. 

Join us to reflect on where the world is today, and how we together create a better tomorrow. Lets seek answers to the following questions:

  • What are those values?
  • What are the 7 steps to strengthen motivation and move from control to  a culture of evolution?
  • Our future: how to come prepared?

In the meantime, do connect with Liza Maria:

Instagram: lizamarianorlin



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