How to bring and retain youth in political parties

How to bring and retain youth in political parties
Online discussion for young leaders of EPP sister parties in Ukraine

On 20th of April, 2021 via Zoom we are bringing together  international experts  and young members of EPP sister parties in Ukraine to discuss matters related to youth involvement in political activities, activation and mobilization techniques, and ways to assist their career growth and development in the party setting.  

Our virtual meeting will start at 9am CET (10 am Ukrainian time). We will open with a roundtable where our invited pundits from will share their insight with regard to the subjects in question, and after a break continue with a discussion in plenary, where our attendees will be able to exchange their views, learn from each other’s experiences and try to work out the best problem solutions. 

On the panel: 

  • Ms. GINTARĖ NARKEVIČIŪTĖ, International Relations Professional, Expert in Finance and Investment, Senior Fellow (Lithuania)

Gintarė Narkevičiūtė is a globally recognized professional of international and external relations, who had been leading several wide scale projects in the countries of the Eastern Partnership programme. She is a senior fellow and a mentor, lecturing in think-tanks and academies all over the world. As of this year, Ms. Narkevičiūtė has become an accredited finance and investment consultant in Lithuania. Trusted locally, she is a directly elected Town Headman and a Chairwoman of the Regional Town Headmen Council. Highly skilled in strategy, negotiation and communications she had been the Founder and the CEO of a one stop shop consultancy operating in various areas ranging from International Trade facilitation to Political Risk mitigation, a firm performing in European and MENA regions. With over 10 years of experience in international relations and foreign affairs, Ms. Narkevičiūtė has previously worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, and held leading positions in several international organizations. Ms. Narkevičiūtė has few times been awarded merits of honor in Lithuania for her efforts with regards to Ukraine.

  • Mr TOMISLAV DAMNJANOVIC, political communication expert, owner of A Media, Mandat and Dream Media (Serbia)

Tomislav is a campaign manager, political expert and trainer cooperating with various  parties and independent candidates in Europe and MENA countries. He is widely known in Serbia as a seasoned media consultant; he owns and manages ‘A- Media’ which works with major media outlets in the Western Balkans region. He was one of the founders of NGO G17, NGO G17 PLUS and political party G17 PLUS. During Milosevic regime this NGO played crucial role in establishing democracy in Serbia, and Tomislav worked as campaign manager during the first democratic presidential elections in Serbia in 2000, when democratic forces finally won. Toma features extensive training experience on several different subjects – campaign strategy and management, ideology, using focus groups in message development, door to door campaigning etc, and collaborated with various institutions, incl.  International Republican Institute, National Democratic Institute, the Robert Schuman Institute, WDF, JHF, IREX, USAID.


  • SEBASTIAN STEINER, State chairman Junge ÖVP Burgenland (Austria)

Sebastian always had an ambition to change the world and inspire other people with his passion and innovativeness. He embarked on his journey in politics volunteering for the Austrian Student Association and the Young People’s Party. After gaining some experience in journalism through an internship at a private broadcast association and working as editor-in-chief for a student magazine, Sebastian got his first job in the politic sector. He was part of the Sebastian Kurz election 2017 as team coach and campaign manager for his home state Burgenland. After the elections he got a job with the Austrian parliament, where he was responsible for two MPs. Last year he started working for the People’s Party in the state parliament of Burgenland. His expertise spans a wide range of subjects from digital communication to innovation and digitalization processes. Next to that Sebastian is a federal board member and state chairman of the Young People’s Party. 

Here you can find his LinkedIn profile:

Moderator: NICOLAS STÜHLINGER,  expert in party development programmes at the Innovation in Politics Institute (Austria).

Nicolas works as Senior Advisor at the Innovation in Politics Institute, a mission-driven company that identifies, develops and applies innovations in politics – to strengthen democracy in Europe and beyond. Before joining the Institute, Nicolas co-led an Innovation Consultancy and worked for a think-and-do tank. He holds a Master’s of Public Policy from the University of Oxford and Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Innsbruck.


20th of April, 2021, Tuesday

Roundtable: 09 – 10am CET (10 – 11am UTC+02:00)

Break: 10.00  – 10.30 am CET (11.00-11.30am UTC+02:00)

Follow up: 10.30 – 11.30 CET (11.30-12.30 UTC+02:00)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible project manager, Evgenia Jarabik at

Please make sure to apply before 19th of April, Monday EoB, filling the  application form