Being in control of the internal and external processes in a political organization is crucially important for its optimal effectiveness and minimization of damages.  We will invite international and local expertise to provide theoretical and practical insight to our Armenian partners in order to help them accelerate capacity building process and ensure smooth organizational developments.

The Robert Schuman Institute in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung South Caucasus are organizing a series of offline seminars entitled “Political Leadership”,  to take place between August 13-15 and November 5-7, 2021 in Armenia.

The event will gather young politicians from parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties of Armenia and provide them with the opportunity to meet and discuss across party lines the current foreign and domestic political situation and challenges in Armenia, as well as ways to develop more adaptable and resilient organizational architecture and boost performance within their respective entities.

Throughout the course of two modules the following topics will be addressed:

  • Post-election developments, current political climate in Armenia and prognosis for the future
  • Political organization: structure, stakeholders, functions and ethics. Organizational types, European models
  • Effective internal communication (work with platforms, branches, members etc)
  • Organizational politics in a political organization: conflict management and strengthening work ethics
  • Consensus building: reaching agreement between relevant stakeholders and shaping common policies
  • International relations of a party/interest representation and lobbying: how to talk to/work with the EU
  • Political campaigning for and between elections: basics and principles
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Shaping strong and convincing messages: political communication strategy and planning
  • Public opinion and party branding: selling points
  • Building healthy relations with the media: mutual expectations
  • Expanding digital production: new life of social media
  • Gamification as a way to accelerate and facilitate digital transformation, and boost political interest and participation
  • How to translate online communication into offline activism and achieve results. Online influencers as a tool for youth mobilization (lecture)

In addition, skill training on the art of negotiation and leadership will be conducted in each module.

Working language: English/Armenian (interpretation will be provided)

Structure of the series

-MODULE 1: Political Organization Management

Seminar venue: Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

– MODULE 2: Social Media Communication and Political Marketing

Seminar venue: Yerevan, Armenia

Skill training and personal development (Modules I-II)

  • negotiation strategies
  • leadership management
*The organizers reserve the right to change the locations, venue, content, and format of the series.

Should you have questions with regard to the upcoming event, please contact Evgenia Jarabik, Project Manager, at evgenia.jarabik@schuman-institute.eu.