Leaders in Democracy I-II


Leaders in Democracy I-II


Two years after the stolen election in Belarus and four months since the outbreak of the brutal and unprovoked war on Ukraine by the Russian state we find Belarusian democrats forced in exile and unable to come back. International partners’ assistance and capacity building remain a critically important task. 


With this urgency in mind the Robert Schuman Institute in cooperation with its partners including the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Belarus, the International Republican Institute, the Eduardo Frei Foundation and EDUCATIO: Institute for Development and Training is organizing a series of course titled “Leaders in Democracy I-II” for 15 representatives of Belarusian political (center-right), civic and student organizations with the purpose of having them better equipped to continue their fight for a democratic Belarus and strengthen European partnerships.

The main objective of the event is to offer value-based perspective on development for the future political and civic elites of Belarus of the center-right wing, committed to the European integration / fruitful EU-Belarusian partnership. This is to be achieved by introducing and debating fundamentals of democracy, campaigning and political communication as a tool, organization building and the role of civil society. Another important objective is to support the interaction of the Belarusian participants with likeminded communities by connecting with representatives of different center-right organizations in Europe (such as CDA/EFF, KAS/CDU, etc.), to give them a chance to learn from each others’ experiences and current issues of concern.

Target group: 15 selected participants should be either active members of

  • center-right political parties as United Civic Party, Movement for Freedom, Belarusian Christian Democracy;
  • HQs of democratic opposition leaders (S. Tsichanauskaya, P. Latushko and Coordination Council);
  • NGOs and civic initiatives that work to support democratic, pro-European Belarus;
  • students’ initiatives.


Seminar I.   11 – 14 July, 2022

Note: Arrivals are on10 July, Sunday and departures on 15 July, Friday morning.

Seminar II.   22 – 25 August, 2022

Note: Arrivals are on 21 August, Sunday and departures on 26 August, Friday morning.

Location:             Trakai region, Lithuania

Working Language:         English (no interpretation will be provided, high oral and written proficiency is required).

The online application form can be found HERE

Deadline for applications:             10 AM, 07 July 2022

The seminar-related costs will be covered by the organizers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible project manager, Jannes Herman-Mostert at jannes.herman-mostert@schuman-institute.eu