Boosting local economies and resilience

The Robert Schuman Institute (RSI) with the support of the Eduardo Frei Foundation (EFF) – organises a seminar to assist EPP partner parties in Lebanon by capacity building.

The overall goal with the project is to support the upcoming young generation of politicians and office holders by equipping them with approaches and tools for the service of their local communities that are facing various and prolonged crises. The seminar will be provided for young politicians of local partners the European People’s Party (EPP), that is Lebanese Forces and Kataeb, who are looking to improve the local economic climate within their respective municipalities through formulating of prudent and viable economic policies, while expanding their network with relevant European partners and learning about European good practices. 

Boosting local economies and resilience: Sustainable development for Lebanon
09 – 11 September (Friday – Sunday) in Jounieh
arrival: 09 September until 09:00, departure 11 September after lunch

The event will be provided for 15 young politicians between 22 – 35 years of age, future municipal candidates, members of local councils / members of local party boards / those responsible for local projects of the EPP partner parties of Lebanon: Lebanese Forces, Kataeb. They will be selected on the basis of individual applications endorsed by their parties.

Aim and objectives

  • To analyse the capacities and capabilities for local/regional development within the given economic and political context; 
  • Sustainable and renewable energy solutions
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for boosting local economies and job creation/employment at the local and regional levels; 
  • Familiarise with practical tools for supporting a greener, more sustainable local economies;
  • Develop approaches and propose viable  solutions (policies) for  local economic planning; 
  • Build networks among the prospective and proactive youth as well as European partners among other. 

In a seminar of 3 working days, English will be the exclusive working language. For finalising the agenda, the special interests of the selected participants will be taken into consideration.

The APPLICATION DEADLINE is 02 September (Friday) 2022, arriving at RSI

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible project manager, Bence Labossa at

Please fill out the application form

Find more information about the series in the Call for applications