Dream. Dare. Do: Through Local Innovation to Global Change. Frislan example.


Dream. Dare. Do: Through Local Innovation to Global Change. Frislan example.
Training seminar

The Robert Schuman Institute (Budapest, Hungary) in cooperation with the Eduardo Frei Foundation (the Netherlands), announces the application process for a training seminar for “Young Leaders” alumni, titled “Dream. Dare. Do: Through Local Innovation to Global Change. Frislan example” open.

We would like to follow up the educational program by supporting former participants in resolving concrete challenges in their communities, and perhaps even turning those into an advantage. The seminar will be provided for the group of up to 15 representatives of center-right youth and student organizations of EPP sister parties who took part in our training program over the last 5 years.

Dates: 3-day training seminar, 1-3 December 2022 in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Note: Arrivals are one day before (30 November Wednesday in the evening) and departures the next day after the end of the program (4 December, Sunday in the morning).

Working Language: English

Target group: up to 15 young politicians who are the selected best alumni of the Eduardo Frei Foundation–Robert Schuman Institute „Young Leaders” flagship project 2016-2021, coming from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Lebanon, as representatives of center-right youth and student organizations. Selection will be based on individual proposals of problem resolutions to work on.

Context of the project:
Many countries have been able to transform their economic and social development prospects by being open to creativity and innovation, which is a particularly crucial asset for the localities with limited resources (such as our target countries), helping the former to boost resilience, promote sustainability, growth and competitiveness, or sometimes ensuring a mere survival. You will be introduced to the case of Friesland in the Netherlands which is as brilliant example of such breakthrough, and of turning the most prominent regional challenge into an advantage and even a source of prosperity –all that with an extremely scarce initial funding and very little interest from the national authorities.

The concept of this project was born out of the idea of sharing with you this inspiring case study of Friesland province which, despite historically being relatively poor compared to other Dutch regions, and having to deal with plenty of inherent risks and uncertainties connected to water, managed to spearhead water innovation that sparked domestic and international recognition and brought investments.

The initiative’s broader aim is to help you to strengthen knowledge and build capacity to be able to effectively contribute to the improvement of local and regional governance in your respective countries. Having received a comprehensive training over the course of half a year on democratic principles, skills set of a politician, security and international relations as well as economic and social policies, in the course of this project you will have a chance to apply that previously acquired knowledge and gain additional experience with proposing and implementing solutions to policy problems in your respective localities.

What we plan for you:
In the course of 3 days you will learn about the good practice example of Friesland/ Leeuwarden dealing with its diverse water challenges by meeting representatives of a variety of stakeholders. With that inspiration and collected insight you will then work with a facilitator towards solutions to your own local problems, which you turn into opportunities and assets. You will have an opportunity to map problems and causes, to brainstorm ideas, discuss applicable solutions having in mind local capacities, capabilities and legislative framework, and develop roadmaps for policy development and implementation in their own communities. We believe the practical example, collected knowledge and expertise of our Dutch partners will stimulate creative thinking, bring you to critically assess the potential for innovation of your respective municipalities and contribute to the development of a “local-global” leadership mindset. In addition, the study visit will provide you with an excellent opportunity to expand your network, build new professional ties and strengthen your international cooperation potential.
Pre-requisites for participation:
• belonging to the alumni circle of “Young Leaders” of the past 5 cohorts;
• submitted problem analysis paper outlining a local and regional development challenge in your home country, including analysis of the root causes as well as consequences of the selected problem,
and analysis of the stakeholders (one page, please be realistic too in the choice of challenge).

Application Process: application form you can find HERE (please make sure to upload a scanned passport main page with photo, name and passport number).

Deadline for applications: Friday November 11, end of business (ASAP if you need visa). Only complete application packages received before the indicated deadline will be considered!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ana Melikidze, ESC project officer, at projects@schuman-institute.eu, or Imre Rimoczi, project coordinator, at Imre.rimoczi@schuman-institute.eu.