Everything is digital but digital is not everything



Budapest, Hungary
18-19 November, 2022

The timeframe includes 1,5 days as follows: arrivals in the morning of 18 November (Friday), departures on 20 November (Sunday).

The Robert Schuman Institute (Budapest), with the support of the Hanns Seidel Stiftung organizes a masterclass on the digital and the political for a selected group of 14 senior political communication professionals from EPP sister parties, who are closely tied to the party bureau, well introduced in the parties decision-making institutes and processes and work directly with Secretary Generals and other party board members; who might have been former participants in previous HSS-RSI projects; and who are wishing to gain relevant insights and practices and expand their professional networks.

The working language of the seminar is English.

Aim of the project and expected results:
Everything is digital, but digital is not everything. Democracy thrives on co-determination and participation. Today, communication between political decision-makers, authorities and citizens takes place on all channels, online and offline. But how can an exchange between equals succeed? In the vast field of democracy in the digital age, the ongoing process of innovations between state and society will be explored and identified in details through these phenomena:
1. Digitalisation in European society and politics
2. Digitalisation in political communication (CDU Campaign 2021/ CSU Campaign 2023).

Throughout the course of 1,5 day program the participants will familiarize with the specifics of building a meaningful, constructive social dialogue incorporating value-based and self-identical policy principles, as well as, under the guidance of our invited experts and practitioners, identify and discuss specific challenges in their field, learn about good practices from relevant colleagues of the EPP family, and develop a blueprint to translate any given program element into their own practice upon return to home countries.

The agenda will feature the topics as follows:
The social and political consequences of technological and digital change
– Digitalisation as a driver for political participation
– Data-oriented state: Public good-oriented politics Trends & good practices in online
content development
– Better politics through data?
– Political communication: Current trends and challenges
– Actualities – View on the 2023 campaign

Costs of accommodation (in double rooms), the working program and meals in Budapest will be covered by the organizers. Participants or their parties are expected to organize and cover their own travel costs.

To apply, please fill in the form by 08 November: APPLICATION

All inquiries should be addressed to Jannes HERMAN-MOSTERT, external project manager, jannes.herman-mostert@schuman-institute.eu,and project coordinator Imre RIMÓCZI imre.rimoczi@schuman-institute.eu