Policy Hackathon for Municipalities



hybrid series of courses

In cooperation with the Eduardo Frei Foundation

We are pleased to inform Robert Schuman Institute in cooperation with its partner EFF  is organizing a hybrid project with the goal of empowering you, center-right political activists in our target country, and helping you work out concrete impactful solutions to identified problems of social and economic nature at the municipal level in Bosnia&Herzegovina.

We will use hackathon as a new method for drafting innovative, effective, human-centered policy solutions as well as design thinking (DT) approach to policy making – using these tools you will be able to assess the needs of the policy end users and design solutions that address these needs as effectively and efficiently as possible. We will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills related to user-oriented policy creation which will enable you to identify the most prominent social and economic sectoral challenges in your respective municipalities, and work out concrete effective solutions for the identified problems.

What we are aiming to achieve: 

  • Bring about positive change in the local environment via supporting user-oriented economic and social policy making at municipality level – through you as the agents of change!
  • Familiarize you with the most up-to-date approach to policy making (using hackathon and design thinking methodology);
  • Provide you with the most innovative tools and techniques that will help you develop more data-driven and user-focused policies effectively addressing existing challenges;
  • Introduce you to the most relevant, effective and efficient European and regional practices;
  • Help you develop meaningful policy products (prototypes) that would carry the potential of tangibly changing the quality of life of your communities.


Target group: 20 municipal politicians from 5 center-right parties of Bosnia & Herzegovina, of age 20-40, with a proven background of political activity, particularly in the area of policy making.

Working days:                      

Module 1 (online via Zoom):  24 April Monday morning

Module 2 (offline, Sarajevo, BiH): 12-14 May (Friday-Saturday-Sunday full day). Arrival: 11 May Thursday evening, departure 14 May Sunday evening, 2023

Attendance of all sessions within program framework is COMPULSORY!

The APPLICATION DEADLINE is 31 March (Friday) 2023, EoB. The application form can be found HERE.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Evgenia Jarabik, project manager, at evgenia.jarabik@schuman-institute.eu, or Vladan Pavic, project coordinator at vladan.pavic@schuman-institute.eu.

We are looking forward to your applications!