Leaders in Democracy I-II



Leaders in Democracy I-II

We are pleased to inform you that the Robert Schuman Institute (Budapest, Hungary) in cooperation with its partners the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Belarus, the National Democratic Institute,  the Eduardo Frei Foundation (the Netherlands) and EDUCATIO: Institute for Development and Training (Lithuania) announces open the application process for our traditional series of seminars titled “Leaders in Democracy”. The two rounds will be held in Trakai (Lithuania) for the same group of 16 representatives of present or aspiring leaders of democratic Belarusian organizations.


Aim of the project: Three years after the stolen election in Belarus and a year since the start of the brutal and unprovoked war on Ukraine by Russia we find Belarusian democrats forced in exile and Europe struggling with the impact of war. The main objective of the event is to offer value-based perspective on development for the present and future elites of Belarus, committed to the European integration / fruitful EU-Belarus partnership.

This is to be achieved by introducing and debating Belarus interests in Europe, building trust, importance of political work, coalition building, advocacy and other topics.

Another important objective is to support the interaction of the Belarusian participants with likeminded communities abroad by connecting with the representatives of relevant partner organizations, to give them a chance to learn from each others’ experiences and current issues of concern.

Target group: 16 selected participants that are active members of democratic opposition, where they are present or aspiring leaders, stakeholders and NGOs’ representatives under the age of 40.


Seminar I.   May 29 – June 1, 2023

Note: Arrivals are one day before (May 28, Sunday) and departures one day after the program (June 2, Friday morning).

Seminar II.   17 – 20 July, 2023.

Note: Arrivals are one day before (16 July, Sunday) and departures one day after the program (21 July, Friday morning).

Location:                             Trakai region, Lithuania

Working Language:         English (no interpretation will be provided)

Topics we are planning to address (please note changes in the program agenda might apply):

  • Values in Action, Personal Effectiveness, Team Management;
  • The International Context of Eastern European Transition after the Invasion to Ukraine;
  • Belarus’ Interests Representation in the EU Institutions;
  • Building Trust, Action Plan for Small Changes;
  • Work with Donors Cooperation Online (social media, de-conflicting of the aims, attractive agenda building);
  • Human Work. The Political Party as a Tool for a Society that is Future Proof;
  • Coalition Building, Inter-Organization Cooperation;
  • Horizontal Organizing: How to Organize Campaigning and Activities;
  • Advocacy Training on How to Use of Media;
  • How to Build a Stronger Belarus-EU Cooperation through Networking, Branding, Social Media Marketing;
  • How to Reach out for a Broader Audience?
  • Digital Security and Online Safety;
  • Training Protocol in Practice: The Dos and Don’ts that Make or Break your Cause;
  • Importance of Communicating with International Media and Partners;
  • Political Debating;
  • Lithuanian, Hungarian, German and Dutch Experience in Overcoming Challenges in State Building/Crises.

Pre-requisites for participation:

  •  Active members of democratic opposition’s political parties/organizations;
  • Was not a participant in the previous Leaders in Democracy courses;
  • Only applicants living outside of Belarus can apply;
  • University/college degree (or at least two successfully completed semesters by the start of the seminar) is an advantage, but not a prerequisite.

Online application form can be found HERE

 Responsible persons:

Contact persons:                            

 Course Leader: Vaidas Augūnas, vaidas.augunas@vrsa.lt

 Coordinator: Alen Sofić, coordinator@schuman-institute.eu

We are looking forward to your applications!