RULE OF LAW ACADEMY 2023 for Eastern European countries

Rule of Law Academy 2023 for Eastern European countries

We are pleased to inform that the Robert Schuman Institute (RSI) in cooperation with its partner Wilfried Martens Center for European Studies (WMCES) is organizing a series of online and offline modules within the framework of “Rule of Law Academy 2023 for Eastern Partnership countries series, to be held as follows,

Module 1: 04 December (Monday) (online on Zoom platform)

Module 2: 12-14 December (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday) in Budapest, Hungary.

Arrival December 11 Monday evening,  departure December 14 Thursday evening/December 15 Friday morning*.

*NOTE: Organizers reserve the right to change the venues, locations, dates, structure, and content of the series! 

Attendance and active participation in all sessions within the program is a must!

The event will welcome up to 15 young professionals / advisors of the centre-right wing political parties and their parliamentary groups in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine with a demonstrated background and motivation for improvements to the rule of law in their respective countries.  

Main objectives:

  • to engage fledgling political elites in activities aiming to strengthen RoL institutions;
  • to familiarize participants with specific practices and tools for effective parliamentary or governmental work as well as advocacy planning and implementation in opposition;
  • to identify the existing regional good practices and gaps that are crucial to address to stimulate regional cooperation among young politicians of the EPP sister parties in Eastern European region;
  • to enhance ties between EE regional representatives and EU member state politicians and experts.

Participant selection criteria:

  • High level of written and oral English proficiency
  • Applicants between 22-35 y.o.
  • Completed application package including official reference letter signed by a party presidency member
  • Demonstrated background in working with rule of law issues

Working language:

  • English (no translation will be provided)

Application form can be found HERE

Further details in the CALL FOR APPLICATIONS

Deadline for applications: November 23 (Thursday) 2023, 23:59

Should you have any questions with regard to this program’s content, please contact the responsible Project Manager Evgenia Jarabik at With questions regarding the logistics please refer to the responsible Project Coordinator Imre Rimoczi at

Looking forward to your applications!