EU Talks 2024: Towards Empowering Civil Society in the Digital Age


EU Talks 2024: Towards Empowering Civil Society in the Digital Age


“The European Union is at a critical juncture as we approach the 2024 European Parliament elections, with the digital landscape playing an unprecedented role in shaping political discourse and electoral outcomes. The proposed EU Talks 2024 initiative seeks to address the urgent need for increased cooperation and contributes to increasing digital literacy to counteract misinformation and enhance the integrity of our democratic processes”.


We are pleased to inform you that the Robert Schuman Institute (RSI) and its partners Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen and Asko Europa Stiftung are organizing an online workshop titled “EU Talks 2024: Towards Empowering Civil Society in the Digital Age”. The event aims to contribute to the empowerment of civil society by enhancing digital literacy, fostering cross-country dialogue, and examining strategies to counter disinformation. It is designed for the RSI and partners alumni, undergraduate and graduate students, young professionals, and anyone interested in safeguarding the democratic values that underpin our society.

We will focus on…

  • Understanding disinformation: we will explore the nuances of disinformation, its sources and impact on political landscapes;
  • Civil society’s role in countering disinformation: we will address the ways to promote open dialogue and boost participation;
  • Case studies and best practices: we will introduce real-world examples of initiatives that successfully addressed disinformation;
  • Cross-country learning and dialogue: we will facilitate interactive sessions for participants to share experiences and learn from one another;
  • Strategies for 2024 European elections: we will reflect upon actionable strategies to mitigate the influence of pro-active right-wing tendencies during the upcoming EU elections, emphasizing the importance of a unified front against divisive forces.

We welcome…


RSI and Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen alumni and undergraduate and graduate students coming from the EU and beyond, with a keen interest in digital literacy, democratic processes, and cross-border collaboration, and passionate about contributing to a resilient and informed civil society, promoting democratic values and engaging in the European political landscape. You should be proficient in English, too!

Application form can be found HERE

Further details you can find in the CALL FOR APPLICATIONS

Deadline for applications: 26 February (Monday) 2024, 23:59

For further details with regard to the event’s content, please contact Evgenia Jarabik, Project Manager, RSI at, or Dr. Jana Stehlíková, Head of Studies, non-university education, European Academy Otzenhausen, at  With questions regarding the logistics please refer to Alen Sofic, Project Coordinator, RSI at

We can only accommodate a limited number of attendees, please hurry up!:) Looking forward to your applications!