NO YOUTH, NO PARTY: Boosting Youth Participation in EU issues and in the 2024 European elections




Boosting youth participation in EU issues and in the 2024 European elections


„Facing the June 2024 European Parliamentary elections, Central Europe expects low youth participation, highlighting the urgency to engage young voters for center-right success and encourage responsible European civic participation, with a focus on boosting youth political involvement in CEE”.


We are pleased to inform you that the Robert Schuman Institute (RSI), with the support of the Hanns Seidel Stiftung Budapest  is organizing a 2-day workshop under the title NO YOUTH, NO PARTY: Boosting youth participation in EU issues and in the 2024 European elections. The event will invite 15 young professionals, members of EPP sister parties and think tanks who are working on youth policies or communication targeting youth, coming from Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

As the June 2024 European Parliamentary elections approach, Central European countries typically report notably low youth participation rates, particularly concerning European matters. This trend highlights a broader disengagement in public and political life among this demographic, with the lowest levels of interest manifesting in European issues. Remarkably, it is within this region that the center-right (EPP) garners its most substantial support. Identifying and understanding the motivations of young voters, thereby leveraging opportunities and addressing challenges, is crucial for the success of the center-right. It also plays a vital role in promoting responsible European civic behavior patterns. The RSI, along with its eight partners, has conducted the extensive CERV research project on this subject. The project’s outcomes are poised to assist participants and their organizations in identifying effective solutions to the issues discussed during the workshop.


What we are aiming to achieve:

  • Enhancing youth engagement in the European elections across Central European member states;
  • Creating 7 “country mappings” to explore the dynamics, hurdles, and prospects for youth involvement in public and political spheres;
  • Sharing concrete recommendations and good practices for more effective youth mobilization;
  • Facilitating knowledge exchange, coordination, and network development within the Central European region among professionals aligned with the center-right, who are dedicated to youth political engagement.

    Working days: March 22 Friday afternoon – March 23 Saturday evening in Budapest. Arrival: March 22 Friday morning, departure March 24 Sunday morning.



We are inviting…


15 young professionals born between 1984-2003, actively involved in youth policymaking or communication with youth, delegated by relevant parties and selected from the abovementioned countries based on individual applications. You should be proficient in English!

Application form can be found HERE

Further details you can find in the CALL FOR APPLICATIONS

Deadline for applications: 01 March (Friday) 2024, 23:59

For further details with regard to the event’s content, please contact Evgenia Jarabik, Project Manager, RSI at  With questions regarding the logistics please refer to Imre Rimoczi, Project Coordinator, RSI at

Looking forward to your applications!