Who we are

The Robert Schuman Institute (RSI) is the European educational centre for politicians and parties belonging to the political family of the European People’s Party (EPP).


While many EPP parties have their own foundations and training institutions, RSI is unique in focusing on the European level. Our seminars, trainings, and conferences involve participants, speakers and cooperating partners from several countries.

Training is not a sideline activity in politics. It is responsibility for the formation of politicians, investment in the next generation political party, but also a must for winning the upcoming election. In the EU’s neighbourhood it is about raising the new pro-European elite with center-right convictions and ensuring their countries keep on track even when the first euphoric moments of transition have passed.

RSI fulfils its mission by acting through cooperation. It does not only work with the EPP organisations in Brussels but also the training institutes and foundations from member parties both inside and outside the EU. The number of partners is growing annually and we are open to further joint initiatives.

Since 1991 the RSI has been promoting the idea of a united Europe and the basic values of the EPP / Christian Democracy, supporting the process of democratic transformation, the development of civil societies and of the EPP affiliated parties through education and training.

RSI also facilitates the information flow between EU members, accession countries and other European states through building a cross-border network between international participants and speakers sharing the same values and political orientation.

The EPP and the RSF Luxemburg are key stakeholders and their financial support ensures the functioning of the RSI office.

European People's Party (EPP)

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International Board

Doris Pack MEPai


Wim van Velzen MEPai

Honorary President

Ria Oomen-Ruijten MEPai

representing the Robert Schuman Foundation, Luxembourg

Pawel Gras

representing the European People’s Party

Wouter Hoff


Bettina Rausch

representing the Politische Akademie der Volkspartei (ÖVP)

Jan Mulder

representing the Eduardo Frei Foundation

Supervisory Board

Patrick Voller

Loránt Vincze MEP

Michael Gahler MEP

General Meeting / Regular Members

Fondation Robert Schuman, (FRS)
yeppYouth of the European People's Party (YEPP)
European Union of Christian Democratic Workers E.U.C.D.W
European Seniors' Union (ESU)
EPP Women
Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, RMDSZ
Christen Democratisch Appél, (CDA):
Partido Popular
Biro Károly Foundation
RPA -logo

General Meeting / Honorary Members

Christen-Demokratisch & Vlaams
Croatian Democratic Union of BiH
Union of Democratic Forces
Christian and Democratic Union
Isamaaliit, Pro Patria Union
Nea Demokratia
M.C.L. - Movimento Cristiano Lavoratory
Kristelig Volkeparti
Christian Democratic Movement
Slovenian Democratic Party
Democratic Alliance

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